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Ranking the Supreme cards

Discussion in 'General' started by Erik Wilks, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. Erik Wilks

    Erik Wilks Member

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    Feb 3, 2017
    With the recent supreme card release most everyone has one now. It occured to me that i have one of the least valuable... which is fine since both of my family members got the best one, in my view. So here is my thoughts in ranking... do you agree? Post comment ect......

    Ragnarok: This one just clears boards. And there are some beast Earth Heros out there. By far the best.
    Minwu: Pretty much the same as Yiazmat...but seems to be more effective due the the greater number of mage heroes and their high magic stat
    Yiazmat: With Pugalist...clears everything. Anyone else its just really cool
    Aerith: The enabler card. Opens up a world of possiblities.
    Duncan: Yeah its true it does more damage net than the above, but is not AOE and that matters
    Unbreakable Bonds: I really wanted to rank this lower, its the one i have, it is just not as good as Duncan, Yiazmat, Minwu or Ragnarok. Consistently does less damage then the above cards cards and its not AOE, AND, as injury to insult... it hurts you and still does less damage than the others. Just an inferior card.. no way around it.
    Xezat: Its pretty useful, but does not do the damage of the other cards. The best breaker in the game most likely but with the top 3 who cares about break... its a moot point.
    Neo-Ezdeath: It debuffs...ok...great i guess. Again likely best of breed but with the top 3 who cares everything on the field is dead..so why does the debuffing matter exactly?
  2. andi_kan

    andi_kan Active Member

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    Feb 28, 2017
    I have to politely disagree with you... if I rated each Supreme's usefulness from a scale of 1 (crap) to 10 (holy f*** OPwtfbbq), Aerith would rank a solid 10. The second best, Neo Exdeath, would be around 6. That's the gap between them, there's not even a contest.

    Why is Aerith the best?
    • Life-based, any job, any element can (and should) use.
    • Only MP that wouldn't benefit from Aerith is arguably defender
    • Aside from certain jobs' Ultimate, Aerith is the only card with Prism Shift. And it works right off the bat (if you have the orbs). Why is this important? Have you never cursed your luck when RNG gave you 3 starting <elem> orbs when you absolutely needed 4? And you ended up driving and doing basically nothing and made to look like a fool? Prism ensures you can cast whatever you want, whenever you want, and you get stability/consistency. Eg: in my current MMonk setup, my first turn is always: Aerith (prism) -> Alex sica -> tap tap tap -> Aerith. What this does is remove yellow gauge, break, and restore my full prism orbs to spam Duncan in turn 2. Without fail. Maybe some players like a bit of randomness to make their life meaningful, but randomness is a curse for farmers.
    Biggest drawback to Aerith? In SP or non-healer role in MP, you practically need 2 Aeriths to guarantee casting it first turn, due to high orb cost. Unless you get a modded Tyrfing/Truescale/Soulrender.

    You mentioned Yiazmat above Aerith... but did you know that Pugilist cannot even cast Yiazmat without Aerith's prism shift? You could get a rainbow weapon but that would take ages and, well, RNG.

    Neo Exdeath is my 2nd choice because it is the antihero to Aerith. AFAIK there are 3 AOE stunners (Neo, Cloud FFVII Remake, Belial). Belial is the crappiest because of cooldown. Cloud is decent but as 4*, it is square debuff. Neo is hex debuff. (Not going to ramble on the difference here.) Besides, Neo gives a crap ton of other debuffs like BDD, CRD and Debarrier (the only card with AOE BDD+CRD so far). It also has high BP and decent Attack, meaning a well-buffed dark user can actually use it as nuker. Of course, that is not its main purpose. My favourite use of Neo is to AOE stun, thereby buying me time to kill mobs one by one without being overwhelmed. This can be useful in tower, though most towers are single or max 2 foes. The biggest drawback to Neo? Non-dark users can't use it, and it's not too effective vs dark foes. Debuffs still apply, so all good.

    Of the other attack-focused Supremes, my favourite is Ragnarok then Unbreakable Bonds. Simple reason, these 2 are the easiest to wield (plenty of Earth/Ranger and Dark/Warrior options)... S1C immediately comes to mind as the one who can wield both effectively.

    Special mention to Duncan, which I also really like because it nukes and breaks. Basically it can replace tapping to remove red gauge, much more effectively. The major drawback is that Duncan is really only paired well with Pugilist... maybe Grappler as well? On my Master Monk, it feels really unfulfilled potential.

    TLDR version:
    • Aerith (all round healer, no usage restriction)
    • Neo (best debuff + stun, decent nuke)
    • Ragnarok (easy to use, AOE nuke)
    • UB (easy to use)
    • Minwu (easy to use, AOE/ST nuke)
    • Duncan (can break red gauge, top ST nuke)
    • Yiazmat (no natural user, but awesome potential with Aerith+Pugi)
    • Xezat (is it breaker or nuker?)
  3. TempestDragon

    TempestDragon New Member

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    Dec 16, 2017
    I'll just add some of my thoughts:
    Defender can benefit fron aerith on MP as well, it adds element to weapon so he can help with any dmg to break, it also gives HP, depending on the defender class it can reach 18k hp more or less.
    but i would probably put neo on 3rd place and ragnarok on second (if it was me, of course) seens that only rangers that could use it effectively for nuke/break on MP is last hunter and viking, bard has dark draw but is healer and its not what he is suposed to do, of course other jobs that has ranger lore could use it, like S1C, but he is intended to give the dmg, so trading UB or ragnarok for neo its not what i would do, specially if S1C finished the hall of fame.
  4. Raziel

    Raziel Member

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    Feb 27, 2017
    It adds to the HP, but there is no real benefit, as the defender already has enough with out it.

    As for the ranking of NeoExdeath, I agree with andi_kun. Other than Ragnarok it still holds high value for jobs without ranger lore. As like Aerith it might be less powerful on it's own, but it's the possibilities it opens up.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2018

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