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New player help please!

Discussion in 'Deck Help' started by Biggs, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. Biggs

    Biggs New Member

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    Dec 12, 2016
    Hi all,

    I downloaded the game at release, then I had some huge health problems, so I'm I want to get back into it, but I feel extremly overwhelmed by the game!

    Theres so many places to go, explore, point system, card augmenting, materials, and tons more! Which is great but I'm lost, and I feel I should be focusing on a main team to grind with.

    I spend some money at launch to support the game and I got ranger to level 4 (Neophyte ranger). I see people talking about weapons with 250+ damage, yet mine shows 194 and don't understand why/how they got higher...

    Now for my deck(s) I think it would be better to write down all my 3* card's and above so that someone or some people can explain this or that card for this or that deck whilst explaining why so I can understand better what's important to compose this or that deck.

    Here are the cards:
    Warrior = W Ranger = R Mage = M
    4* : Durandal W, Kirin M, Ark M, Ultima the high Seraph M, Valkyrie R, Siren R, Pandemonium R, Asmodeus R, Jabberwocky R, Artemis, Centicore.

    3* : Ares W, Idol Head W, Onion Knight W, Cockatrice M, Adamanterrapin M, Valefor R, Griffon R, Lakshmi R,Quezalcoatl R, Fenrir R, Magus Sisters R, Brothers R, Yuna (supp).

    Then I have "material", I dont get what each one is used for, cactuars for XP, and them starfishes for augmenting, but the rest, I have not got a clue...

    Are there any noticable low level cards I should keep, or is it all gil/food?
    Where should I grind for XP?
    Where should I grind for certain good cards to combine with the rest of my cards?
    What does spirit grove thing buddys do?
    Whats "edit stamps", whats the point of it?
    How does multi player work?
    what Job should I be working on with my kind of cards, and what jobs should I aim for?
    Is it worth spending some $$$ now to improve things rapidly, or should I wait for a certain banner?
    How do people get these humungous scores like 30 million after a week playing, I don't even understand how to optimise the hole score thing, let alone build a deck that suit's this...
    I read SP deck, MP deck and all other types, what do they all mean?

    Any general tips I should know of, before spending everything I have in my possession and waisting my time/ressources I may regret?

    I'm sorry for the wall of text, but I like to know what I'm doing, and hopefully someone can enlighten me :)

    Kins regards to all.

  2. peter racal

    peter racal Member

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    Oct 14, 2016
    hi for now just go to your ranger and use all the card that ranger type and just dont forget the yuna card on you deck for heal and on the MP and SP
    MP si for multiy player mode in the map that you can go to ather players in game to beat a boss like oden shiva hasmal and ifrit this are 2* and 3* but for now focus on your ranger to panel 1 to 8 and dont not use sommont ticket yer for new job tell you have full your ranger and keep your msgicite dont waist it and for the
    SP is wher you can gain skillseed just take note that ther are days sundays are all element skillseed and when the (8) (18) (28) day of the month this are mobuis days wher you can have 20% fusion so use that day to fusion your cards and see the link of the for more http://mobius.gamepedia.com/Category:Job_Cards i do hope i can help you on this

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