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New just trying to figure it out

Discussion in 'Deck Help' started by garyk19, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. garyk19

    garyk19 Member

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    Dec 20, 2016
    Ok, so I have been in the game under a week now, and just trying to get some stuff straight.
    So the only Job card I have been able to draw so far has been White Mage... I dislike being a healer... but what ever.
    Currently I am working on finishing up tier 2 of the abilities for the job.

    When I set up my multiplayer deck should I just use the healing type cards or should I slip some damage cards in also? I know I'm not a damage dealer or a breaker... but getting hearts and waiting on the timer count down for the abilities kinda sucks. Just looking for the "right" way to do it.
  2. ~VaLkyn~

    ~VaLkyn~ Staff / November VIP 2016

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    Aug 18, 2016
    For bosses 1-2*, yu can use dmg and heal cards but high lvl players will kill the boss fastly so no worries. About 3* bosses yu will need unlock the 8th panel (this bosses are really hard, people cant carry you, so dont try join or make a 3* boss party pls) and go deck "full support cards" or 3 and some debuff as Curse.
    If you are a beginner, a good deck to start is moogle, fat chocobo, pure wind (haste) and whatever. Hermes card (Haste skill=more actions to the team) is the most important card for yu. Atm is not on shop but yu can use the fodder, pure wind, or wait some weeks bcz it will be on shop soon. Anyway yu can start to play mp 1-2* and farm sicarius cards (mp ST cards) for your mage and other roles.
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  3. FartingJoy

    FartingJoy January VIP 2017

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    Nov 20, 2016
    WM is pro. Its ulti is a ultra free heal. So u can afford to use 3sup cards. 3*boss Haste must. Fat must. 1other sup. Last card maybe another sup. Or curse.
    U get the auto ability life orb chance up as a sup in Mp. And ur buffs work for all teammate. How it works is drive 2element at once(never 3). Next turn drive the remaining 1 and auto 3x. Cast ability whenever skill ready since sup cards can be quick cast(no action cost). In this order. Haste-fat-watever

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