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Mobius dawn ticket

Discussion in 'General' started by Emil, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Emil

    Emil New Member

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    Oct 25, 2016
    Morning every2, i'm not sure if it is only me or everybody but i didn't receive today's dawn ticket and the event ends today but still is suposed to spare today's ticket i think, did every1 got their tixket or was it only me whi didn't? I received the last log in bonus maybe it bugged everything idk.
  2. Crazy carppy

    Crazy carppy New Member

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    Dec 31, 2016
    The last tick we talked was given yesterday, but you have until the end of today to use them all. It's a bit odd. But it IS what the news page says about the event. I thought the same thing and went back to check.
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