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Healer deck guide

Discussion in 'Deck Help' started by khemy, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. khemy

    khemy New Member

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    Sep 27, 2017
    Hi, I focus on Healer deck since Hope class is here,

    I'm got the Egg life card for the bonus draw on orb life, Hope FFXIII, Vanille FFXIII, and Gate of Hell.

    For the moment my deck is looking good no one never die in my group for the moment bt if you have suggestion for upgrade it tell me plz
  2. andi_kan

    andi_kan Active Member

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    Feb 28, 2017
    My first suggestion: don't bring Minwu or Hope: FFXIII (same for Vanille). If I see my pug healer with those cards, disband.
    If you want to attack, bring another job. Healers are supposed to heal, and you're bringing only Hell's Gate. The life orb draw is a nice touch, but only to provide for 1 card?

    IMHO the optimum (non-Aerith) support deck should consist of: 1 haste, 1-2 quicken, faith, boost (if possible), brave (if possible), barrier (if possible), wall. These are more or less the staple that all support decks should include. Luxury boosts include snipe, ultimate charge (as many as possible, I guess), and cleave.

    For reference, my current go-to support deck is:
    - Lifeshift
    - Garuda (haste, quicken, cleave)
    - Kotr (faith, boost, brave)
    - Hell's Gate (barrier, wall, regen)
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  3. Raziel

    Raziel Member

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    Feb 27, 2017
    Instead of Garuda I would recommend The Undying. First of all, because if you don't already have Garuda, you can't get it anymore (maybe at some point in future). Second, cleave is only useful for breakers and they usually bring it themselves. Third quicken is also luxury. (If people only would stop wasting actions for nothing. My favourite example: Turn 1 breaker brings boss single-handedly down to 20% shield with 3 attacks. Turn 2 a total of 13 hits are thrown at the boss, which was already broken after the first one, before the first ability is used to kill him. /rant)

    Forget about quicken, if you have to spare barrier for it. Quicken won't help you at all if you're dead. In PUGs with tanks that don't drive or taunt (well sometimes they just have bad luck with orbs, but mostly, to put it politely, it's another reason) or without tanks this happen quite easily.

    Other than that I'm with andi_kan.
    • Haste is the most important buff. Make sure to bring it. If you don't have it, get at least Hermes from the ability shop.
    • Kotr (Knight of the round) is more or less expected from healers these days. I always bringt it with my healer and expected myself it when palying attacker. This is not a must have, but you should work towards it.
    • Some form of barrier, Hell's Gate in the best case. If you're absolutly positive about the boss not getting any chance to kill your teammates, you can ditch barrier for some other buffs.
    • Lifeshift, if you have. Or if you're one of the lucky ones, Aerith... Else anything that fills into the gaps of your selection of buffs.

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