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Hasmal 3* and possibly other 3*too

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Kiel dountis, Nov 13, 2016.

  1. Kiel dountis

    Kiel dountis New Member

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    Sep 15, 2016
    Hello guys, i'm sure most of you have bested 3* hasmal already with or without phoenixdown. I too have conquered him couples of times with randoms, some run are pleasant and some are not.
    What i'm going to share here is one of the most comfortable team i've ever been in 3*.
    Before that i'm gonna lay down some basic requirements for entering a 3* fight.
    1. HP should be 5500 or higher, with an earth resist of 25% at minimum or sicarius damage reduction.
    2. Breaker : panel 7-8 any class is fine. At least bring one earth pupus. Even if you can drive heal, the last thing the team needed is for a breaker to drive a lot so passive defense would be nice. Deck should be focus on break.
    3. Healer:7-8 panel. any is fine. One with bigger hp and earth resist passive is desired. Deck would be haste, wall, tyro and other things. drive heal works wonder with healers.
    4. Defender: 7-8 panel.more hp=nore drive heal and more tank. Deck should be with taunt (up to you how many), debuffs. This will be mention later
    5.Attacker 8 panel- mages oriented. This is debatable, i think attacker play a significant role im this fight since breaking the boss and its minion takes a while so one break kill is preferred. Deck should be one earth pupus, water damage, odin sicarius and one support orbs or whatever.

    Right now i'm gonna get on with the actual fight.

    My team was all 8*
    1.ranger : earth and wind pupus 4*, 4wol 4*, artemis 4*
    2.knight : nekomata 4*, curse card 4*, taunt card 4* and hecanto.
    3.mage :V&F4*, odin4*, tifa aerith4*, eartg pupus.
    4. Dancer: Haste4*, tyro4*, tifaaeritth, 4 wol4*.

    I'm just gonna highlight the most important part.

    As usual all attacks should be focus on B first. Except the defender. Defender will stun guard B and provoke/magic down to hasmal. Attacker, breaker and healer should do their thing and act according to situation.

    For attacker, just focus on destroying yellow on both guards, save turns when all guard is at red. Do normal attack when breaker need to reserve turn and team need orb refill. Safe water orb alot until guard B is gone.

    Healer will focus on maintaining buff especially haste or defense. Doing haste early on will be beneficial to maintain buff in the future. Dont forget to tell the team when you need support element.

    Breaker will of course normal attack until the enemy is break. My strategy is that when i don't have enough support element for boost, i'll sticker the team with "passing this turn" because i'll be using boost from my 4wol thus i need at least 2 normal attack following the skill. When the first guardian break i ussually take my time to drive one time then skip.
    Since i'm using rising sun as weap (1%ulti charger) i ussualy got my ultimate just in time for hasmal first break.

    Alright so at first turn, the defender stun guard b and proceed with driving earth (go last), attacker drive and bolverk guard b. Healer drives and breaker attack. Luckly, at 2nd turn the healer can cast haste, curse also inflicted to hasmal at 2nd turn. Yellow gauge also gone and the red is still at 50% on guard B. The next turn guard b is broke, it takes 5-6 hit in total for my breaker to break the guard B from full gauge. Attacker unleash VF and took out guard B in the 4th turn. Thanks to nekomata the guard B cant cast any single buff to hasmal.
    As for the rest of the fight it is very easy, just the usual MP stuff will do. My healer cast tyro only when someone on red and cant heal or when hasmal was about to go full damage. The curse spell was very helpfull since it can last up to 4 turns with magic down. During this hasmal will only deal about 2000-2500 damage/turn (3 attacks to the same guy) it'so puny since 8*knight have around 10k health.

    We defeated hasmal in one break only, and this is where i think that ranger is shining. Using 4wol as a pathfinder will deal with a maximum of 200k++ on hasmal so this will help the attacker a lot for one turn kill hasmal.

    I'm not really good at telling stories so i'll apologize if it's not that comfortable to read. This is just my opinion in the matter, not some established meta rule for MP. Cheers.
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  2. ~VaLkyn~

    ~VaLkyn~ Staff / November VIP 2016

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    Aug 18, 2016
    Defender with taunt, curse, heca and neko is GOD :D
    Another tip for attackers im looking in my runs is, deck:
    - 2 earth pupu, Vanille, Odin
    Odin to get orange gauge on Guard B and kill him after break, but to Guardian A he was spaming Vanilles and killed Guardian in 3 turns before we kill the Guard B ::smile tear:: we were wtf!!!!. The reason was Defender used Debarrier on Guard A so while the team kill Guardian B, attacker kill Guardian A (debuffed) with Vanilles.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2016
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  3. Kiel dountis

    Kiel dountis New Member

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    Sep 15, 2016
    Classic VF lol, killing without breaking.

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