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General 3* MP solo (with AI) strategy

Discussion in 'Guides' started by cgHaxor, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. cgHaxor

    cgHaxor December VIP 2016

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    Aug 26, 2016
    This is a general guide for how I've been soloing the 3* bosses. I've now tested it against all four of them. ^_^ Shiva is the hardest, though b/c Dancer can't cast en-fire.
    Dancer is required for its high break while serving as support. I also use the limited availability pupu & taunt cards...

    [same] means the element of the MP boss.
    [opp] means the element the boss is weak against.

    You: attacker with [opp] orbs
    1. [opp] force
    2. [opp] pupu
    3. [opp] sicarius
    4. [same] pupu or [opp] debuff

    AI 1: Dancer
    1. haste
    2. faith
    3. boost
    4. [opp] pupu

    AI 2: Dancer
    1. barrier
    2. wall
    3. cure
    4. [opp] pupu

    AI 3: Knight or Warrior (defender w/ earth orbs)
    1. [opp] taunt
    2. [same] taunt
    3. [opp] pupu or third taunt
    4. curse
    1. Start with "target the boss" for one turn to get taunt or curse on the boss
    2. "Target B", you clear orange bar, let dancers break it, you kill it
    3. "Target the boss", break boss, get it low on health (3-4 strong hits, maybe more if the stars aren't aligned)
    4. "Target A", break and kill
    5. Kill the boss
    • One Dancer ultimate can clear ~80% of boss red bar. They will cast it when the orange bar is completely cleared. You can stall by using the "no ultimates" sticker or having them "target A."
    • I like to cast my -force and en- abilities on the same turn, to keep the cooldowns matched up. I often pass on the turn that the -force effect is down.
    • Make liberal use of the "I'll go first" sticker so you can judge how many orbs the AI will make for you, when they are casting certain buffs (especially first cast of Faith by the first AI).

    Questions? Comments? Observations?
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  2. Varking

    Varking Member

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    Jan 17, 2017
    This is pretty cool. I haven't even attempted a 3* MP yet with real players but I imagine I would try it with AI first just to get a feel for it.
  3. FartingJoy

    FartingJoy January VIP 2017

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    Nov 20, 2016
    actually i prefer breaker over defender. since the ai will always go last with AAA. meaning u will never have to "quick finger" before dancers lock action. also breaker charge dancer ulti even faster. i use 1 attacker 2 support 1 breaker for all 3* bosses and fastest clear was today shiva 3:10. and usually 5-6min. never more than 7:30.

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