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Fusion rate. Explained

Discussion in 'General' started by FartingJoy, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. FartingJoy

    FartingJoy January VIP 2017

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    Nov 20, 2016
    I know ppl probably have seen this chart many times. Upon request. Ill briefly explain how it works. I will use MP ifrit card as example--reference[[[Fusing Dropped Cards with the same card name with each other (FODDER CREATION) from link above]]]. Getting ur card to lv 6 should be easy to understand. U will fuse 2x ifrit(card with same ability name in this case the exact same level 1 copy from MP shop) into orginal ifrit copy for level 2 ability level(100% success). From lv2-3 u will need 3x ifrit(30%each). For a total 90% success. Level 4-5is same as 3-4. Level 4-5 5x ifrit(20%each for100%). Lv5-6 Same as 4-5. There is a pattern. For the amount of cards required. Lv2-3is always same as 3-4. 4-5is always same as 5-6. And once u augument ifrit to 4*card. Lv6-7 is always same as7-8. Applys to all damage cards.
    Moving on. After 4*ing ur ifrit. How to level? Each ifrit will only give 5%. 5slot gives u max 25%...... this is what u do next. Make an exact same lv6 copy of the previous ifirit u just made. Except dont augument this 1. Fusing this new copy 3* ability level6 ifrit into ur 4* ability level6 ifrit will get a 80%chance success. Not enough? Just add 4more lv1 ifrit(5% each). To have a 100% chance level ur 4*lv6 ifrit into lv7. Lv 7-8 reapeat the above 6-7 process. Then u are done maxing 1x ifrit4* card. Iv tryed many other ways. Eg. Fusing ability 5x ability lv3 ifrits into 4*ifrit card. But this way is waaaay too not efficient. Ability lv3 ifrit cost 6each. X5 is 30ifrits for each6-7 and7-8. While fusing 1ability lv6 + 4ability lv1 only cost 19+4=23ifrits.
    Ok next part!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The above formula chance is done on normal day. Mobius day(8th/18th/28th) give additional fusion chance. So its best to do all ur important fusions on Mobiday. Lv1-2(2 120%). Lv2-3(3 108%). Lv3-4same. Lv4-5(4 96%). Lv5-6same. Then augument to 4*. So each ability lv6 will only need 17ifrits. Now move onto 4* fusion. Lv6-7(1x lv6(96%)+1x lv1(6%). 7-8 same. For a max level 4* ifrit. U will only need 53 ifrits total on mobius day to start from scratch.
    -normal day->lv1-2(2 100%). Lv2-3(3 90%). Lv3-4 same. Lv4-5(5 100%). Lv5-6 same. =19 at this point. Lv6-7(1x lv6(80%)+4x lv1(5%each)). Lv7-8same. 19+46=65. U will need 65 ifrits total on a normal day to start from scratch.
    Support cards(most likely cards either use heart orb/or quick cast.) have a differnet chance table. Only goto ability lv4 at 3*. And ability lv5 at 4*. But now maybe u can try reading the chart again and probably understand. I can write one upon request tho.
    Hope that helps. Peace
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2016

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