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Discussion in 'Forum Announcements & Events' started by xTeKt0n1c, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. xTeKt0n1c

    xTeKt0n1c The Heretic! Lead Moderator Staff Member

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    Aug 10, 2016
    Welcome to the forums!

    Please use this section as an introduction to the forum and how it should be used/ what you can get out of it! (MASSIVE credit to Wolf for Writing this Introductory Guide)

    Forum Navigation

    1.As you have just arrived , you may wish to introduce your self,to the community, just a few words about yourself or anything else to let members know about you. Many,have been watching from afar, before joining, just to make sure, we were on the level, We understand.

    2. The Forum is Sectioned. Each section contains threads that relate to the subject matter being discussed in them. As a member, you may post your own thread about a subject or post on a thread started by someone else, you may show your agreement also by liking what you read on the post of all members ,there are no, not like buttons,(there is no translation for not like in mogul)

    3. There are numerous members who post valuable information about the game and it’s various subjects. These can be found easily as they are pinned to the top of the section for easy reference. There are also sub sections. In the lounge section you can find Fan fiction, games and art, all done by members.

    4. There are many ways to communicate with your fellow citizens other than posting. Every member has a status update, you can find this on your ID page,

    You can post a short message that will be shown in the New Profile Posts section, your own twit page if you will. You can ask for help, give a shout out or just about anything in145 charters or less. ask any moderator or member above new, for help posting pics or understanding post controls

    There is also a Private message function . Click the avatar of any member to open, their ID bar, and click, start a conversation and there you have it. I get PM’s a lot,mostly from citizens that want a selfie with me, Whatever

    5.Chat box is the open streaming conversation with many members here. There are many members who do not post threads but have answers to questions you might have about all aspects of the game. they like sometimes to be anonymous, It sometimes moves like the matrix, just take the red pill and jump in, If you run into Morpihus , you are on your own, my first jump off a building did not go so well, kup, ohhhh

    The Forum and it's Moderators:

    There are Moderators and members. You may call yourself just about anything, but it is frowned upon to call anyone something you would not call yourself and others and we have moderators that work.

    Speaking of which, these individuals patrol the site, to help, direct and inform, us but they are also players. They would rather talk to you about the game than about behavior. Most of the time one is on-line to help with anything you may need, and can be reached like every member here.

    You will see yourself under your avatar as a new member, no worries, It is not a label, but a reference to others that, they should take it easy with you, and offer help over criticism.

    Oh, and the most important thing, There is NO such thing as a stupid question!
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