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Down and Dirty Guide to Support (MP ONLY!)

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Rocky, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. Rocky

    Rocky Active Member

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    Aug 17, 2016
    Here we go installment 3 on How To do all the things. As with my last two this won't be pretty and I have nothing bust subjective data to support all the claims in this guide on breaking. I know support isn't a hard requirement for current content but it will be in the coming future so please, if you want to do any amount of healing please read this, and reply with any questions I will do my best to respond promptly.

    Filling the support role really means you are signing up to do 2 things keep your team alive, and make your team do things better! Your job isn't to blow the boss up (but there are builds for that too) and those pesky orange and red bars... also not your job. You are the king or queen of the green bar. Right now in current content you'll actually be most helpful by providing the right buffs at the right time, but never the less if you are doing this, you're also going to be filling those green bars.

    TLDR: Build deck with buffs and heals, don't use Hades, Drive for pink!, Always lock in ASAP

    Deck Selection:
    So building a support deck really boils down to how much damage you think you team will be taking and I like to think of all support builds are falling into 2 distinct categories. Just remember, every time you cast a support card you heal your team, and your buffs affect also proliferates to your team (well, the primary buff, not any secondary effects of a buff).

    Deck Style 1 "Healer" this sort of deck revolves around damage mitigation, and healing... seems pretty self explanatory. In terms of damage mitigation at this point we only really have our Choco cards (Gold/Silver/Fat Chocobo), an and our Wall cards (Alexander and Tyro). These cards if used should be activated pre-emptively to reduce damage, and since the Choco line has a long duration and doesn't drop from damage, sooner is better. Choosing heal cards is a fairly simple choice as well, you've got Yuna, Cait Sith, Carby (Carbunkle) and Hades. If you only take 1 thing away from this whole guide, please remember this... DO NOT BRING HADES TO MULTIPLAYER! Hades only heals on ultimates and auto attacks. So unless you have a team that doesn't plan on using abilities... don't bring it, please and thank you. Carby isn't great in current meta because he lacks the burst healing required to deal with the big spike damage that bosses can dish out, but he's still better than Hades.

    Deck Style 2 "Hybrid" this deck requires that you either know the encounter well enough to be able to keep your team alive with minimal effort, or requires your team to have a Defender to help keep everyone alive. Hybrid decks provide either buff cards such as Moogle (+magic) or Aeris and Tifa (+haste +magic) or they provide debuffs (such as Debarrier or Comet) or they bring along some Dps cards. A typical Hybrid deck might be something like Fat Choco, Yuna, Moogle/Aeris and Tifa, and Vannile and Fang/Debarrier.

    How to Play:
    So you need pink orbs, and you need them right now. The best way to do this, get rid of the other pesky orbs. So you need to act early, and you need to lock in before all those pesky dps. So drive away whatever element you can until you have enough orbs to throw up your buffs, or to save for your heal. Then if you have extra turns save them. Don't waste a precious action on a melee swing... that's the breaker's/defender's job. If you have loads of extra turns you should save them for a 3 hit combo, but most of the abilities you are going to use as a healer will likely not require the use of a turn, well beyond drive. If you run a Choco get it up fast, if you run Tyro save it for the turn just before a BIG HIT.

    The End:
    Let me know if there is anything else, or any further discussion anyone would like to have.
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  2. Maharib

    Maharib Active Member

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    Aug 25, 2016
    Your buffs affect your whole team. Have a look at your teammates deck. If a teammate uses water pupu DO NOT buff fire pupu it will remove the water pupu buff and weaken damage output.

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