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Card Requests

Discussion in 'Friend Requests' started by Alkaiser, Aug 18, 2016.

  1. Alkaiser

    Alkaiser Active Member

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    Aug 9, 2016
    Branching from the Global Friend Requests - Master List (which we will still keep as the Master List of player info away from spam), I decided to create a separate thread for specific Card Requests.

    In this thread, players can request a specific card they want/need and somebody can just offer their help and put that requested card on his/her Rental Card. One example is the upcoming Adamanterrapin event and players might request a lot of 4* wind card. This thread will also become helpful in future events and challenges.

    Since this will become a spammable thread, this is how it will work --

    For Requestors:

    1. Create a thread with the card name as your title. (ex. Sylph Card)
    1.1 Only one card name title is allowed. You can use the search function in the forum to verify if there is already an existing thread of the card you need and you can start posting your request there. Please avoid creating duplicate request to avoid spam and disorganization of the thread.​
    2. After creating the card name thread, kindly use the following format:
    Status: Request
    Star: <Star Count>
    Skill: <Skill Count>
    Ability: <Ability Level>
    Reason: <Where you want to use it. This is optional> (This may also help you gain useful tip or suggestions of a different card)
    Message: <This is optional>

    Status: Request
    Star: 3*~4* (means at least a 3* card is already good for you and anything above is a plus)
    Skill: 2~4 (means at least a card with only 2 skills is already good for you and anything above is a plus)
    Ability: 6~8 (means at least a card with lv. 6 ability is already good for you and anything above is a plus)
    Reason: Adamanterrapin Event (or any specific stage you are having a hard time completing)
    The above format might not be useful for now but in the future, rarer cards might show and only few might get it. Also, this will save both you and the helpers time.

    For Helpers:
    1. Pick a thread you wish to help in.
    2. Follow this format:
    Status: For Rent
    Star: <Star Count>
    Skill: <Skill Count>
    Ability: <Ability Level>
    Duration: <Number of days you will put this card for rent, starting from the time of your post>
    CID: <Your Customer ID>
    Message: <This is optional>

    Status: For Rent
    Star: 4
    Skill: 3
    Ability: 7
    Duration: 4 days
    CID: 20c1 ffa4 adee
    After the duration, you may already want to help other players in other Card Request threads or you can still choose to extend your rental card without needing to update your post. However, if you are a returning helper in the current thread (helped in the other threads), you will need to repost your information.

    I know that some of these are already found in the Global Friend Requests - Master List but the rental cards there might not be updated or the one you need is missing. However, we can still use the Master List if we want to follow certain people in-game regardless of what their rental card is.

    This will be really helpful to all of us especially that not all players are aware of this forum. This will also be an additional option to get friend points in-game much faster.

    If you have comments or suggestions on how to improve this thread, let me know in the reply section.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2016
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  2. Creampuff

    Creampuff New Member

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    Mar 27, 2017
    Well I see this thread is a popular as a pool turd.
    Any chance we'll see in-game trading?

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