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  1. Ragnarok Exclaiyn
    Ragnarok Exclaiyn NeoCHI
    hello, i'm an active player since a year ago. is there any chat room for multiplayer purpose? thanks for the answer
  2. Boyd
    Just started playing again, it has been months!
  3. 7ths1gn
    7ths1gn NeoCHI

    Include me in the live chat too as I've been playing this game since the beta and I'm able.help other newcomers
  4. LasamSama
    Happy Day, Happy God, Happy Me
  5. King Tonberry
    King Tonberry
    Heir to the throne!
  6. Mushy
    Typical Square Enix, showing you their Square Penix. Feels bad man :'(
  7. Cucci
    Ch two hard mode available now
  8. The Divine Cloud
    The Divine Cloud
    making a quick spy on how things are going :P
  9. Akashi_san
    New to this forum! Hoping my questions would be answered yoroshiku!
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  10. last
    only spend money when the game can make money to.
  11. Cucci
    Cucci Alwayzcode
    My I'd is 203a 7367 72d4
  12. Cucci
    New MP boss Hecatoncheir! Drop new taunts and scrolls lastly new warrior weapon! Happy hunting kupo!
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  13. Cucci
    Ch 1 hard mode now available!!
  14. Cucci
    Grind baby!
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  15. Help
    Why can't I augment my cards I'm on chapter 2 and the 3 and 4 star cards are grayeded out
    1. Atlas
      Possible reasons; You have not advanced far enough the story, you do not have enough gil, you do not have the necessary materials. If none of these things are causing the issue, then I am going to be of no help to you. xD
      May 12, 2017
  16. Cucci
  17. Sauna
    Final fantasy vet
  18. Sauna
    Peace homies.
  19. MakoMomentai7
    Really enjoying the monk! But I am a little confused on it. Anyone care to chat about it?
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    2. xTeKt0n1c
      Monks are designed to be the the ultimate breakers (better than rangers) and that's about it!
      May 7, 2017
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    3. MakoMomentai7
      Lol, good convo XD lol, but no, I think they are awesome! I can't wait till I can pull an actual Monk card and not just a trainee one. Still gonna dig them.
      May 7, 2017
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  20. xTeKt0n1c
    Who loves a heretic?