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Multiplayer Etiquette

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Boyd, Sep 10, 2016.

  1. Boyd

    Boyd Member

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    Aug 15, 2016
    Multiplayer is all about knowing the needs of your allies.

    1. Attacker: Needs elemental weakness orbs in order to deal damage[ and to waste the rest via drive]

    2. Healer: Needs life orbs in order to heal [and to waste the rest]

    3. Defender: Needs only to drive against the elemental needed whenever he can.

    4. Breaker: Needs the yellow bar to be red so he can break.

    Once you know each role's needs you can then start thinking of how to help each other via the order of action.
    You help each other by providing orbs to those that need it.
    (Take into account that the generation of orbs is done via Basic Attacks. - And that only those without a bar that is already filled with orbs will gain new orbs. It sounds dumb to phrase something so simple, but you need to always remember)
    So, headlines for order..

    1. The first to act are the ones that will spend orbs.
    2. The last to act will be the ones using most basic attacks because they generate orbs.

    Adding roles into those headlines, and friendly tips.

    1. Healer: Will need to drive. Always. Every turn. Since top priority is to get Life orbs. -> Meaning you need to act first.
    You can add a couple of attacks if you want to, but if you do try to wait to see if a teammate is only wasting orbs. If you see someone like that, wait until to go after him so that you help him generate orbs.

    2. Attacker: You'll need to waste your orbs via the use of skills or drive in order to get the elemental weakness orbs. -> Meaning you need to act first. What I said about auto attack on healer can be applied here too.

    3. Defender: You'll need to drive so that everyone gets the elemental resist. Other than that, you're an orb generator for your fellow attacker and healer. So just do the basic attacks, and do it after they've wasted theirs. Sure, if you can use a skill and want to, go ahead. Just make sure you're generating enough orbs for those that wasted them during the turn. If you see no1 wasting orbs and just using basic attack commands, go ahead and drive and use skills and even go first in that turn if that was the case.

    4. Breaker: Go last. And basic attack as much as you want. Your only job is to generate orbs until a break is possible.
    Take into account that for a break to be useful, you need y your allied attacker to have enough orbs to deal damage. You can take a wild guess of when this happens by taking into account the amount of orbs you'd have generated for them thought best way to be sure is to have the attacker ask for a break, or say that you'll break and wait for a response of your team.
    You'd go first the turn the break can be made so that allies can link their damaging spells after the break.

    So bottom line... Basically watch what your teammates are doing before you lock. Those that are only wasting orbs go first, those that are using auto attacks go last.

    This is only the basic setup of things, once you've known how to work with that you can add up your own spice to make yourself a better player. For example: When I'm playing healer I'd bring a water spell in the current ifrit event. I'd waste my water orbs by spamming the water spell always and then just driving the other 2 elements.
    This lets me deal some damage, even though it is not my main role.

    Hope this helps everyone, cheers
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  2. DrunkenMunkie

    DrunkenMunkie New Member

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    Aug 28, 2016
    Thanks Boyd, we need this for everyone to see. When you and I and few forum chat regulars ran 2* Ifrits and chemistry is good awesome breaks and damage but man some times these randoms be tripping and mess up a good chain or break and just eff the whole thing up. This information is crucial for multi playing.

    Boyd, I'm copying and paste this on this Amino community I just joined: I will give you full credit so know that I'm not stealing your work, just wanting to spread this great info.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2016
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  3. Boyd

    Boyd Member

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    Aug 15, 2016
    Sure, I spread the worth!

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